The Denver Broncos will have a new offense in 2019 but it may look familiar to fans that remember the days when Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak were in town.

Rich Scangarello, the team’s new offensive coordinator, is an understudy of Kyle Shanahan — Mike’s son — who was an understudy of Kubiak himself. His offense will include plenty of bootlegs and rollouts, something quarterback Joe Flacco did successfully with Kubiak in 2014.

Broncos receiver DaeSean Hamilton believes Scangarello’s offense will help the team’s playmakers create big plays.

“I think it’s an offense where, with the guys that we have, we could be a well-oiled machine,” Hamilton said after practice on May 21. “We have so many guys that can get the ball in their hands on this offense. With coach Scang’s offense and his philosophy being like that, it’s about getting premier guys open, getting guys the ball in space, running between the tackles, setting up the play-action, and when we set up the play-action, we’ll get a good run game.

“Guys are going to be able to be open way farther down the field, being able to take shots and things like that. I’m excited about coach Scang’s offense, his philosophy and what he’s installing right now. A lot of plays have been from the runs and it’s fun to go against the defense to see how they work out.”

Kubiak ran his offense to an extent in 2015 but it wasn’t really Peyton Manning’s style. To get a better idea of what the team’s 2019 offense could look like, Broncos fans should look up old footage of Jake Plummer and some film of the San Francisco 49ers’ passing game (particularly with tight ends) from last season.

As Hamilton noted, Scang’s offense should set up the team’s weapons to make plays this year, making Denver more fun to watch.