Denver Chef Creates A Cannabis Infused Salmon Dish

Josh Pollack is the owner and head chef Rosenbergs Bales and Delicatessen located in Denver, CO. The chef decided to mix his love of cannabis with an interesting dish to serve people.

Pollack decided to create a weed infused salmon thats served on a bagel. He came up with the idea as a neat and fun little thing to do earlier this year to honor April 20th, which is also known as 4/20 or National Stoner Day. The dish became an instant hit and people loved it. Josh Pollack stated that the creation helps blend together two things that people really love.

It puts two things that people really love together. Thats why I did it. There were people freaking out when they heard about it.

Due to Colorados marijuana regulations, Pollack is still trying to perfect his salmon dish in order to serve it to the public. Edibles that are recreationally sold have to be wrapped individually or distributed in increments that contain no more than 10 milligrams of activated THC.

Once Pollack meets the Colorado requirements, he hopes to sell the salmon fish to local dispensaries. Since salmon is unlike other edibles, it will have to be sold on a special order basis.