Mystic Mermaids Show

The Denver Downtown Aquarium’s Mystic Mermaids show is a captivating and unique attraction that combines the enchantment of mermaids with the wonders of marine life. The show began in 2012 and has evolved over the years to become a beloved feature of the aquarium.

The Show

Mystic MermaidsThe Mystic Mermaids show takes place in the aquarium’s main tank, where skilled performers dressed as mermaids swim gracefully among the aquatic creatures. The mermaids interact with the animals and engage with the audience, creating a magical and immersive experience. The show’s current schedule is every Friday at 6:30pm, with Stingray Reef Meet & Greets before and after the show from 5:15-5:45pm and 7:15-7:45pm. In the past, the show was held daily from 11am to 3pm, and guests could even swim with the mermaids.

The mermaids are CPR certified and trained on emergency water evacuation rescue. They free dive with no weights, no underwater air supply, and no goggles in 74-78 degree water. The mermaids perform their entire routine without clear vision due to the salt water. To become a Mystic Mermaid, applicants must pass a water evaluation test that includes swimming 200 yards, a 50-yard butterfly stroke, and a timed underwater endurance evaluation. There is also a performance evaluation in the exhibit.

To apply to become a Mystic Mermaid, interested individuals can stop by the restaurant or the administrative office to fill out an application.

Educational Message

Beyond the visual spectacle, the Mystic Mermaids show also has an educational component. The performance incorporates messages about the importance of sustainability, recycling, and protecting marine environments. The mermaids are portrayed as guardians of the ocean, each with a unique backstory tied to a specific marine habitat. For example, Cora is from the Great Barrier Reef and teaches about the importance of coral reefs, while Kaya is from Hawaii and protects the animals of the sea. Throughout the show, the mermaids engage the audience in helping to clean up the tank, reinforcing the message of environmental stewardship

Dining and Interaction

The Aquarium Restaurant offers a unique dining experience where guests can enjoy a meal while watching the mermaid show. The restaurant is positioned next to the tank, providing an excellent view of the mermaids and animals. For a more personal experience, the aquarium also offers private meet and greets with the mermaids. This allows for close-up photo opportunities and the chance to interact with the performers.

Visitor Experience

The Mystic Mermaids show is a highlight of the Denver Aquarium experience, appealing to visitors of all ages. The combination of fantasy, education, and marine life creates a memorable and engaging attraction. Visitors can explore the aquarium’s various exhibits before the show, building excitement for the main event. After the performance, guests can continue their aquatic adventure or relax in the Aquarium Restaurant.

The Denver Aquarium’s downtown location also makes it easily accessible and convenient to pair with other city attractions for a full day of family fun.

In conclusion, the Mystic Mermaids show at the Denver Downtown Aquarium is a one-of-a-kind experience that blends entertainment, education, and environmental awareness. With its skilled performers, engaging storylines, and immersive setting, the show continues to delight and inspire visitors, solidifying its place as a must-see attraction in Denver.